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Dec 4, 2012 02:14 PM

Christmas Breakfast and Dinner: What's on the menu?

Curious what everyone is making. I'm looking for inspiration....

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  1. Not sure yet - I've been talking to my mother and it seems she wants to make a pork tenderloin dish with roasted potatoes and bacon vinaigrette for dinner. I'm thinking that I might make a tourtiere for the night before, with leftovers for Christmas day brunch. Maybe some cinnamon rolls, too.

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      Looks like the cinnamon rolls and the pork are on, along with a lobster pasta dish for Christmas Eve. Tourtiere will be featured later in the week!

    2. We'll be skiing and not home for the first time ever so whatever the restaurant/inn is serving. Normally dinner is a huge inlaw affair (ie green bean casserole, jiffy corn pudding, etc.) and a breakfast staple is Dorie Greenspan's pecan rolls and whatever else the kids request.

      As breakfast goes, the cinnamon roll/pecan roll/sticky buns are the best. Make ahead, refrigerate, bake morning of and always perfect after gift opening.

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        I've been thinking of something like that we can have for Xmas morning. We will be at home together for the first time ever ( going to my parents for dinner, but excited for a leisurely, romantic Christmas morning with just us and the cats). I have DG's book, I will check out that recipe, thanks.

      2. Breakfast will be monkey bread, fruit salad and some sort of muffin or quickbread with lots of coffee. Everyone just gets up and grabs what they want while we open gifts.
        I have always done a full turkey dinner but I think I will give that up this year, no one will thank me for it so why bother!? I am thinking I will do a ham with potato gratin and roasted veggies and a corn casserole that my kids love.

        1. We will be having the homemade spinach/ricotta/meat ravioli that my Italian family has been making for 100+ years. We made them last weekend and they are waiting in the freezer for Dec 25! Christmas dinner will also include meatballs/sauce, eggplant rollatini, Caesar salad, an antipasto platter, bread, etc. Dessert will be cheesecake and cannoli.

          Breakfast is just my husband and I at home. We usually have leftover sangria (from Christmas Eve) or mimosas and eggs/bacon/rye toast for breakfast. =)

          1. Breakfast is always orange butter coffee cake. Dinner, we haven't decided yet.