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Dec 4, 2012 01:40 PM

Great place to get cake for a 5-year old's birthday party in San Diego?

I'm looking for a store or bakery that makes good birthday cakes; not too expensive or fancy, but uses natural/good ingredients. Thanks!

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  1. Costco makes great sheet cakes for under $20 and feeds a lot of 5 year olds.
    Jimbo's or Whole Foods if you want to go more natural route.
    Cupcakes are another option.

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      2nd Costco, they have a great bakery.

    2. Let em eat cake. Look up in yelp. Best cakes!

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        We've had pretty decent luck with the Mira Mesa Red Ribbon in the past, though not everybody is enamored with them:

      2. Hi, We decided to get a cake from Twiggs Bakery. I didn't expect much because it is also a coffee shop, but they have a phenomenal bakery! The cake was very moist and delicious. Also affordable. Check out all their custom designs on their website. Their decorations are incredible. We got a 'jungle' cake to go with the animal theme of the party. Everyone was impressed with the design. They were also great to work with. We fed over 30 people with an 8x12 cake and had left overs. Extremely happy!

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          Thanks for reporting back - definitely plan on checking Twiggs out before the next bday party.