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Dec 4, 2012 01:17 PM

H Mart in Mira Mesa

Went by the other day on the way home from an errand, but the area was so crowded and hectic that I just continued home. Any hounds been yet? How does it compare to Zion (quality & selection)? I am also interested in the offerings at the food court and Paris Baguette. If you have been, what was the good/bad?

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  1. My office is about 3 blocks from there, I can actually walk it :-) cgfan has been and was impressed, especially with the quality of the fish.

    I have a love hate relationship with that shopping center. The parking is poorly laid out and I'm surprised there haven't been more accidents. But, that said, that particular center always looks busier than it actually is given the gas station and In 'n' Out in front. Once you figure out the best ways in and out of it, it's pretty easy.

    1. Overall good quality for fish and some of the meat (Snake River Farm). Produce looked good but was comparable to places like Ranch 99. The food court is pretty much just one vendor and we tried Paris Baguette one time so far and even so it wasn''t bad it was a nothing special, e.g. croissant etc. Since we live nearby it is a nice addition ot the area that we have now with Lucky Seafood, Seafood City and H-Mart three good places with different emphases.

      1. It's smaller than H Marts in LA. Other than Paris Baguette, the "Food Court" is only one restaurant, offering soups, bibimbap and hot pot. They've already cut the menu offerings from about 25 to 11 (as of this morning).

        It's larger than the current Zion, so there is more offered. Prices at Zion are similar, other than sale items. (The Zion parking lot has had spaces available and inside is not as crowded ever since H Mart opened). (I am looking forward to the new Zion location; the old K-Mart was huge).

        Drive North on Westview Parkway and skip the turn into the parking lot, drive 40 feet further and turn in behind the taco shop and there's plenty of parking. Or get there at 9 a.m. -Early in the morning/before 11 a.m. is the only time you an actually get a baguette at Paris Baguette.