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Dec 4, 2012 01:10 PM

Brixton Market... are things past year? Have new places continued to open apace?

I have enjoyed Franco Manca and Elephant Cafe.....thought Honest Burgers were not great.....and love Wild Caper Deli.

I am tempted to go back to try out Cornercopia (as previously rec'd by greedygirl) and was wondering what else is good just now.


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  1. I can recommend the beef short ribs and soy

    I can recommend the beef short ribs and southern fried chicken livers at Bukowskis. The IPA's not bad either.

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      Just Briefly -
      Beef shortribs seconded as their highlight - I also like the Pork ones, and their pulled pork is more flavorful than the new BBQ place, - Joint - which would benefit from less sauce on everything and more flavourful meat to speak for itself - but they have an interesting vanilla tinged bun for the burger
      Joint's chicken wings, however are excellent.

      The dumplings are nice for a quick fix, nothing mind-blwing but quite tasty, 4.50 for 5. I have yet to try the fried chicken. The soups look quite good but you can never tell until you try them, so far I just get distracted by how well those dumplings get me through a Saturday morning hangover :-)

      The patties at the carribbean place facing coldharbour lane (i think that's the one) have a great crumbly crust and really flavourful filling instead (actual pieces of meat instead of just mince/mashed)

      Casa Sibilia
      They have a deli next door now, and still have consistently good items on their menu if you're ok with waiting a little while. Particularly love their Mortadella, Goose Rillettes and Confit Duck at the moment.

      Avoid the buffalo wings and the korean fried chicken FAR too saucy. Their home wings are pretty good though, for 4.50 you get 4 but it's a WHOLE wing so actually a really generous portion. Fries on neighbouring tables looked a little underdone but I'm sure you can ask for them extra fried.
      Have yet to try the thigh nuggets, jerk chicken scotch egg and deep fried mac n' cheese.

      Federation - consistently good coffee, baked goods and brunch

      Bellatoni's - I quite like their antipasti platter, always generous portions and varies selection of cheeses and meats

      Craft Beer Company on Station Rd - a vast array of really obscure craft beer on tap and hundreds more in bottle. Not super cheap but a really great place to hang out and try many different beers. also have spirits like 12 yr Yamazaki. CCC also do snack food - pork pies etc Pork pie is nice, has a hint of chorizo, understated touch.

      Off of the top of my head, those are the places I've recently been to that I've enjoyed but will continue experimenting and will also try and remember some more :-)

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        Yet to go myself , but this place has just opened and promises to be great. Run by Nick Balfe, an ex Moro, Brunswick House and Ten Bells chef..

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          Cheers guys, that's really helpful info.

      2. Paul Wayne Gregory now has teeny tiny store in Market Row. Was initially planned for few weeks but is now minimum one year. Sells his chocolates but also newer range of desserts, sold frozen, should defrost within an hour or two, to eat at home, chilled. Ones I tried were delicious.

        1. The Japanese curry place, which I went to nearly a year ago I think, but I assume it's still there, is also pretty good. That's not a dish you see all that much, and some of their sides are also well done.

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            Oh yeah, I need to get there!

            Also Honest Burgers have had mixed reviews but I really like them, as well as the rosemary fries. Totally moreish. Good sized patties in fluffy brioche buns and inventive specials that play around with the stereotypical burger. Their Manchego and Chorizo one was excellent imo