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Dec 4, 2012 12:55 PM

Looking for Greek pastries

Which place in Arlington has the better pastries - the one in across from the Capitol Theater or the one across from Stop and Shop? Are recs for specifics?

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  1. sometime in the last yr or 2, iirc, there was a thread on some specific items at the one across from the Capitol. Try a 'search' using the bakery's name.

    just fyi, 10 minutes away in belmont, is Sophia's and she sells the best melomakarona (dark brown moist walnut cookies, shaped like flatish footballs, soaked in syrup) in my comparative search for them in boston.

    plse do report back! there's almost no Greek pastry attention on this board. thx!

    1. I don't know the answer to your question because I don't know Arlington but do find the baklavas at Athans to be good and I often buy baklava and sesame cookies, etc. at Arax too. Not sure that's at all helpful!!

      1. +1 for Athans.

        1621 Beacon St
        Brookline, MA 02446
        (617) 734-7028

        Their website appears to be down...

        1. Why don't you buy pastries you like from each and compare and choose what you like better on your own. I always prefer my own choices as to what my preferences are.

          1. I guess Athan's is ok, I had some last xmas- normal quality. Sophia's I am not sure, I did not want to try them because they carry them year round and that to a greek-greek is an abomination.Christmas cookies start in December, end in January, you OD, gain weight, lose it by Easter, and you long for them the rest of the year. But you could make melomakarona at home, they are so easy to make, and tasty. And cheaper by a lot. Same goes for baklava.
            Kourampiedes now is another story. The tricky part is the sheep's butter. If you find that, then that is also easy to make.