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Dec 4, 2012 12:57 PM

Non Fish items in a Sushi restaurant

I have to attend a Sushi restaurant in about a week. I dislike fish.

Can I have some suggestions about non fish items to order that are likely to be available?

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  1. depends on the caliber of restaurant 100% but you're likely to find vegetable tempura, probably some chicken or beef teriyaki kinda thing, maybe chicken or pork katsu, etc etc

    you should probably just man up and eat some fish though it's good for you

    1. Typically there are at least some tempura, chicken/beef teriyaki options.
      I always like a good wakame salad too

      1. Which restaurant are you visiting, Herne?

        In addition to the katsu (schnitzel), tempura vegetables (battered vegetables) and teriyaki chicken already mentioned, you might find some noodle soups or salads work for you. Some places have yakitori- grilled skewers. They'll also have vegetarian sushi available, filled with cucumbers, avocado, etc.

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        1. re: prima

          I am going to Sakura in the Annex.

          Just learned that the place may have gone down hill since the date was set about a year ago.

          However the teriyaki chicken and vegetable tempura sound good to a non fish eater. Not entirely true --I eat canned tuna,sardines and salmon as well as BB'Q swordfish steaks and smoked oysters but that is about the limit.

          1. re: Herne

            You might be able to get a combo or bento box (combo box with compartments) that includes some Teriyaki Chicken and Tempura vegetables.

            If you're doing the all you can eat lunch, looks like most of the dishes mentioned in this thread are available on their menu: They also offer beef udon (thick wheat noodle) and beef soba (thin buckwheat noodle) soups.

            1. re: prima

              I suspect it will be the evening offerings and probably not the all you can eat lunch. Too many foodies to expect the all you can eat choice.


                1. re: prima

                  With all the suggestions I have had here I hope I'll be able to chose with some knowledge as well as luck (*.*). I am worried though about the down hill trend I heard about.

                  1. re: Herne

                    Don't be too worried. It'll be decent for what it is- an economical restaurant in the Annex, geared to a mostly undergrad crowd. It looks like it's around the same price and quality level of New Generation (its competition).

                    While Katsura won't impress our sushi snobs, I think they probably fry enough tempura to get it right for someone who is just looking for something decent. ;-)

                    1. re: prima

                      You put it much better than I could. If you mention you don't like fish suddenly the whole world looks like an aquarium to your friends.

            2. re: Herne

              You may find that there are some non-fish nigiri sushi available if you want to fit in with other sushi eaters. Egg (tamago) for example and various vegetarian rolls. If you'll eat tinned sardines and BBQ swordfish then you might consider cooked eel (unagi) as it pretty much falls into that category taste and texture wise.

          2. There are also non-fish types of sushi, such as the aforementioned tamago (egg, in an omlette-like form), inari (a seasoned pouch of fried tofu filled with rice), kappa maki (thin cucumber roll), futomaki (large roll with assorted vegetables), even a California roll (which usually has imitation crab), which has no raw fish.

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            1. re: canmark

              Way to go. I'll look into all these suggestions and be ready for my non fish experience