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Dec 4, 2012 12:47 PM

Holiday office party

My boss just asked me to find a place for our holiday office party, I'm sure lots of places are booked. We are flexible on the day. I'm looking for a private room or area in a restaurant for approx. 25 people. I was thinking of something like the Icon Grill, that is the type of food I'm looking for. Co-workers aren't really adventurous food-wise. Any thoughts for something similar with good appetizers and cocktails, fish and veggie options as well as meat? Somewhere downtown or south of downtown? Thank you.

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  1. Metropolitan Grill is awesome! They service is outstanding and the timing of the food is perfect. They have a totally private room and can accommodate your group's size.

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    1. re: travelinggirl

      Oh that's a good call. I'll have to see how expensive they are. Thanks!

    2. If you are looking to book in the next 3 weeks, you may have a challenge with availability. If you are open to having the party in January, you will have a lot more options.

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        I thought so. So far I've emailed The Met, Salty's, Anthony's, Tom Douglas restaurants, Mexico at Pacific Place, Cactus, and McCormick and Schmick's. Maybe one of them will have a Monday night open. :)

        1. re: Boychucker

          Monday is the slowest night in the business. Good luck. If you can't find anything downtown, Maggiano's in Bellevue is good, they have parties and corporate events down to a science.