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Dec 4, 2012 12:47 PM

Pop-Pan crackers?

Just returned from Hong Kong and have nearly ran out of my supply of Pop-Pan (spring onion) crackers. I have yet to see them ANYWHERE here. Does anyone know where/if they're available for purchase in the area? TIA.

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  1. This unfortunately doesn't help you, but I was just commenting to my coworker the other day that the guy sitting in the row in front of us has a box of Garden Pop-Pan crackers and that I haven't seen them in years. Just found that to be amusing.

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    1. re: kyph0515

      They're the best things since sliced bread. Seriously. Do you mind asking that guy where he got them?

    2. I've seen these in stores in Chinatown. Try Hong Kong Supermarket.

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        1. re: LeahBaila

          Yes, many Chinatown stores carry Pop Pan. I love the curry flavor, good spice to it.

          1. re: chervil9

            Thanks, so good to know. I've never seen them in Chinatown, but I will look harder! The curry flavor sounds awesome - will try!