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Grown Up Bar Near Beauty and Essex?

Getting together with some good friends for dinner at Beauty and Essex Friday night. Looking for a great place to hang out afterwards. These are old friends who like to have a few drinks and talk all night so nothing loud!

Appreciate the feedback!!

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  1. Not sure you'll find anything *TOO QUIET* in that area, but I really, really enjoyed my night at PKNY: http://www.pk-ny.com/
    Are you looking for the immediate vicinity?

    1. Yeah, Friday night in the LES does not really equate to "quiet" - even the regular locals' bars tend to fill up with the detritus that didn't get in to the douchetination clubs, the bachelorette parties and clubbing frat-boys kind of take over on the weekends.

      You might try The Magician, right around the corner on Rivington. There's nothing "cool" about the place so it doesn't get as slammed as some of the others. It's a dive, but it might be your best bet. Along Rivington are a few others that might be worth poking your head into - from West to East, all along the South side of the street: Welcome To The Johnson's (probably mobbed), 151, and St Jerome. The Suffolk is sometimes okay (on Suffolk btw Rivington & Delancey) as well, as it's not on the main bar drag and a lot of people don't even know it's there. Depends if they're doing a show there or not.

      Whiskey Ward on Essex can be loud, but for some reason even on the busiest of nights we always manage to find seats regardless. Don't know why, just have good luck with the place.

      1. I almost dont want to tell you about this . . . promise not to make it too popular?

        Sunita is a great LES bar and very different from the loud, packed, crowded usuals of the neighborhood. Its small but ive never had trouble getting in and getting a seat, its quiet but not dead, a great place for a couple rounds and some conversation.

        i would add a caveat to sgordons suggestion - while there is nothing remotely special about The Magician, it does, in deed, get totally slammed and unpleasantly full. At least at whiskey ward the brown liquor selection makes me more agreeable about the surroundings.

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          definitely Sunita. great bar, great bartender, and great drinks.

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            Four of us stumbled onto Sunita last night because we were early for our reservation at Sora Bistro next door. What a delight Sunita and her bar are! The space is inviting and relaxing, and the drinks excellent.

            If Sunita were not more than five miles away from my apartment, my fear is that my alcohol consumption would rise alarmingly.

          2. You can walk up to DBA or try Spitzers if it's a beer friendly group. Barrumundi is nearby on Clinton. Lolita can also be a little less jammed than a place like The Magician.

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              dba and the magician can be mobbed on a weekend night. ive found that temple bar on lafayette is a good place to talk in a bar on the weekends...have to take a cab over from beauty and essex though.

            2. Clandestino - Canal between Orchard and Essex.

              1. I've had good luck at Nurse Bettie, although around 10pm it can get crazy. Also Donnybrook.


                And echoing what others have said, PKNY & Whiskey Ward are pretty good bets for a relatively peaceful time. I don't find 151 or Clandestino "grown up" at all, but I like them both, and you're likely to find room to sit.

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                  PKNY, as much as I like it, is as far from a grown-up bar as there is. It's focus is Tiki Drinks - and any drinks that have 3 or 4 types of rum tend to bring out the child in most people.

                  And if a place can "get crazy," how exactly is that grown up?

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                    Every time I've been in PKNY, it's been staid, and underpopulated. If the child emerged from any of the other patrons, it was a very quiet and well-behaved child.

                    Nurse Bettie is calm in the early evening, and less calm in the less early evening. So it's more grown up at some times than at others. Does that clear things up for you?

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                      Not really. Practically every place is calm early evening (except happy hour joints, like Magician), but the OP is looking for someplace to go AFTER dinner. And that's when Clandestino is still calm - does that clear things up for you?

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                        You seem interested in having an argument. But I'm not sufficiently invested in this topic to play along, so you're going to have to look elsewhere for an opponent. Best of luck!

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                          Nope. Just trying to answer the OP's question to the best of my ability. But thanks.