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Dec 4, 2012 12:10 PM

Far South 'burbs Recommendations?

I'm heading home for the holidays, and will now be centering my activities further south than in previous years. Any good recs in the swath from about Crown Point westward to the Momence area would be welcome - C.P., St. John, Cedar Lake, Crete, Beecher, Steger, Momence, Richton Park, etc. Or put another way, center on roughly Balmoral Park racetrack (to pick a convenient landmark), and anything worth trying that's 15-20 miles in any direction would be of interest. If you have other finds further out, that you'd consider "worth the drive" please share those, too! I'm more familiar with what's on the northern end of the range, so recs to the east, west and south would be of particular interest.

I'd be interested in good ethnic cuisine, but Mom's pretty averse to spicy or unusual food,so "traditional" or "general American" places probably are of most utility. Even so, as long as it's good, please post, and I'll do my best to sort out which ones might be "Mom-friendly" and which ones I ought to check out on my own.

Thanks!, and thanks as well from Mama Warthog, who I'll likely be taking to some of the places you suggest.

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  1. I think Mom would find Scrementi's in Steger to her liking.

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      For your solo trips, consider Flavor in Flossmoor for some good Cajun cookin'.
      If you like delis, Bergstein's in Chicago Heights is quite good, though a little pricey.

    2. Strongbow or Thiebaults in Valpo. They have been there for years, but the food is worth the drive.

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        Just FYI, Valparaiso is quite a bit further east of the area being asked about. (It's about 35 miles east of most of the towns mentioned, and 20 miles east of Crown Point.)

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          I'm familiar with Strongbow, but I don't think I know Thiebault's. I'll look them up for more info. Thanks!

          1. re: Warthog

            If Valpo isn't too far, you should also consider Bistro 157.

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            Oops! I spelled it wrong...Teibels..and it's in Schererville. I should have looked it up before I posted.