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Dec 4, 2012 11:36 AM

Martha's Vineyard this weekend


My friend and I are heading to MV this weekend for the Christmas stroll in Edgartown. We will be joined by another couple on Sat.
We would like to keep things casual and yet still enjoy some great food and drinks during our visit. We will definitely be stopping at Offshore Ale for some oysters and beer. Aside from that, we are open to recommendations. Considering the upstairs bar at Alchemy (if it's open) and/or downstairs at Atria in Edgartown, and Park Corner Bistro, Red Cat Kitchen or the Side Car in OB. We'd also like to hear some live music, if possible. We would prefer not to be tied to a reservation, but will make one if required. Would love to try State Road, but not sure about taking a cab ride there when there's so much going on in Edgartown and OB.
Can anyone comment on these options or suggest another? We're definitely not looking for anything too stiff.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. We'll be out there with you. We have a car so State Road is on our list. Red Cat Kitchen may be as good.

    Offshore Ale is OK, but we don't like Alchemy. Atria has 2 for 1 burgers Sunday evenings and is worth a try. Park Corner is fine. Consider the Grill on Main in Edgartown. They have good, if not great food for decent prices and will be offering two for one entrees as per usual.

    We like Detente, but aren't sure if it will be open (was 2 years ago not open last year) Same w Lattanzi.

    Get the Best Read Guide while your on the ferry. They list what's happening at the various clubs, but call ahead as plans can change on short notice.

    Last year Sharky's Cantina had live music on the weekend.