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Dec 4, 2012 11:14 AM

I KNOW it's not a cooking show .... but

I had the misfortune of watching the Next great baker last night.

What are we coming to??? Is Buddy supposed to be an endearing soul? (yes, he was totally sweet to the guy who left because of the brain tumor- but you'd have a lead heart not to be moved) but he seems like just a rude nouveau riche now - I have so many issues with this show- two of the main ones being: in the first challenge- they were throwing out cake after cake- in the garbage- throwing out, I'm pretty sure there is a soup kitchen, police precinct, fire hall, nurses' station in a hospital that really wouldn't care if the dots were lined up or not, or if the flowers matched... Seriously just throwing them in the garbage???

And...,my biggest peeve- it's called the next great BAKER- yet no one bakes anything. Their "cakes" are either pre-made (the first challenge) or consist of rice krispie treats, PVC pipe and fondant.

This is an affront to anyone who actually BAKEs - the spirit of whatever his bakery used to be is long lost.

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  1. Never heard of this show, though apparently it's in its third season. Probably because it's on TLC. What does TLC know about food and cooking? Getting onto the bandwagon, I guess.

    1. I'm a professional baker/cake decorator (almost 25 years total), and I was appalled the couple of times I've caught this show. The show I watched had a challenge for the cheftestants to ice and decorate a cake completely in buttercream -- no, brainer, it's your BASIC BIRTHDAY CAKE. All the cheftestants were completely, totally flummoxed because "all I do is fondant" and "who wants to take the time to pipe stuff?" Buddy had to show them step by step how do ice/decorate it. He did a marvellous job (obvious he has the chops), but most of the cheftestants still didn't get it. I'm watching this, mouth hanging open, muttering, "And these people consider themselves DECORATORS?!?" Because that's exactly what they are: decorators, NOT bakers.

      As for Buddy...I got his Cake Boss book out of the library and I nearly cried reading it because it's so obvious he's one of the last of the old school bakers out there. I can't blame him for wanting to cash in on the food competition bandwagon. I just wish, for the sake of the show, he could find the balance between actual competition without become FN Challenge stuffy AND not coming off like an utter ass on camera.

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        There seems to be no distinction anymore between baker and cake builder/electronic gizmo hooker upper/handyman). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against beautiful looking cakes- BUT- his bakery was built on BAKED goods- of all sorts- not on Hollywood proplike looking cakes. And again, the competition is called the next great BAKER- someone needs to bake something. Especially since there is a dearth of actual BAKING shows.

        This show is a joke