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Dec 4, 2012 10:30 AM

Curry Indian Bistro - Diamond Bar

Located in the same strip as the Ranch 99 on Diamond Bar Blvd and the 57. My brother in law has his office there and I've been to various places in here dozens of time. My wife told me that we should try Curry and we finally did. I love Indian food. I grew up in Queens, lived on 33rd and 3rd in NYC right by Curry Lane, have visited London 5 to 6 times (brick lane, Amaya, Cinnamon Club, Star of India) and tried many of the good places in LA but not Artesia. I would eat Indian food more often but it just isn't very good or it's not very accessible from North OC. Curry far surpassed and exceeded my expectations. It's better than anything I've had in years outside of a few places in London.

Butter chicken - great tender chicken and well seasoned. Loved scooping up the sauce with the naan.
Chicken curry - a great version. My 2 year old loved eating the sauce mixed with rice.
Tandoori chicken - the best tandoori chicken I've ever had. It was cooked to order and not the rubbery version you find at most places. My wife hates tandoori chicken because it's usually sitting out in a steam table but loved this.
Lentils - a little on the salty side but very nice
Garlic chicken kebob - tasty, tender great chicken

We only had access to the lunch specials but will be going back for dinner to try the whole menu. Everything here had the requisite spice and punch you expect from Indian food without being overpowering. No more bland Indian food for me in Irvine and Costa Mesa.

Can somebody please confirm that I am not losing my mind/taste buds?

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  1. I have been meaning to try this place. You are talking about the one in the same shopping center as H-Mart right?

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      Ooops yes I meant H-Mart and not Ranch 99. Same shopping center.

    2. I went again this weekend for dinner and it was as good if not better than lunch.

      $44 - not cheap for the area but I think the quality of the food is worth a nice dinner for 2.
      Chicken Tikka Masala - great sauce. The chicken was tender and definitely had skewer marks. I generally don't ever remember seeing grill marks on chicken. Ordered it medium and it had a mild kick.
      Aloo Gobhi - well seasoned bright dish. Unlike most bland dryer versions. There was also a nice punch highlighted by the brown sauce. We added it to the remaining rice. Nothing went to waste.
      Chicken Vindaloo - traveled well. Still had a nice char on the outside and juicy inside. It's the best vindaloo we've ever had.

      I spoke to the owner? and he mentioned they have 4 other restaurants in Vegas and Phoenix under different names that do very well. He said they are compared favorably to Tamarind in NYC (they have these huge clay oven pots to cook the naan and tandoori in). I was one of the few customers at around 6:30 on a Saturday night. I hope people will try them out so they stay in business.

      1. Thanks for the tip, I really appreciate it as I live in the area, love Indian, and haven't found anywhere I like much.