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Dec 4, 2012 10:16 AM

Hali Deli in Halifax

Anyone been to the new deli in town, the one of Agricola Street called Hali Deli? When I saw the yellow tiles going on the front I thought it was going to be a laundromat.

Have been meaning to go but dread the prospect of the light and dark ryes not being up to snuff. It has been eons since we have been able to get decent ryes and pumpernickels in this city. The D&R Bakery on the site of The Coastal Café on Robie was the last purveyor of fines ryes.

Today I passed by in the car and to my horror saw bottles of squeezable French's mustard on every table. In my books not a good omen.

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  1. I recently had the smoked meat sandwich with fries. The fries were pretty good, but the sandwich was just okay. The bread was quite dry around the outer edges. I think they are sourcing some of their bread and bagels from Montreal, which doesn't really make any sense. The menu did appeal to me and I think I will be back to try some of their other options.

    It is my understanding that French's mustard is the standard for Montreal style delis. I believe Schwartz's uses it, for instance.

    1. We had a take last week. re: the smoked meet sandwiches.

      The meat was very good, the coleslaw was tasteless and greasy, bread unfortunately was the downfall - very pale almost white and virtually tasteless. As you say they could have gotten bread like that here in Halifax. Fries as you say were pretty good but be warned they were pre-salted.

      The dill pickle was a 1/10 longitudinal cut of a dill pickle, for me that was okay as I'm not keen on them but others were not pleased.

      Luckily I had other mustards on hand.

      There HAS to be a demand for good ryes and pumpernickels in this city.

      1. I agree about the bread being the major downfall. Check out Sully's on Novalea. They steam the bread so it's not so dry and I could almost swear I tasted caraway in it. I was disappointed in the meat at Hali Deli. The texture reminded me more of a precooked ham than a smoked brisket. I don't know why they don't smoke their own brisket. There were two types of mustard at the table: deli style and ballpark yellow.