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Dec 4, 2012 10:13 AM

Has anyone tried these brands of duck fat off amazon?

I need a large amount of duck fat, has anyone tried either the Rougie brand or this other vague one?

Don't want to get ripped off and there are no reviews on Amazon!

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  1. I used Hudson Valley Fois Gras for duck fat when I need quantity. Exceptional quality, it's where D'Artagnan gets their foie gras, duck confit, duck fat, etc. A gallon is 7.5 lbs. They sell a gallon for $40.00, plus shipping, but shipping can be expensive. It has to be shipped overnight express to stay fresh. To me just outside of NYC shipping is $35.00, but both the fat and the shipping is much less than the two Amazon brands, and you know you are getting great stuff.

    1. Rougie is one of the larger producers of duck products in France, and has been around since 1875.

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        I'm glad to hear it - I have some coming as a xmas present for my sweet husband to make french fries and whatever else he can dream up with it but like the OP am relying on reviews. i'm buying the smaller jars, though, and there are a few reviews of that:

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          Update: a 3-pack of Rougie duck fat arrived, beautifully wrapped, in time for Christmas (free shipping), and we had air fries made with 2 Tb of fat that same day. Bliss.

      2. Thank you everyone. I didn't get as far as the shipping options via Amazon so that might turn out to be expensive too!