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Dec 4, 2012 10:07 AM

Avoiding fish at a Sushi restaurant [Ontario (inc. Toronto]

I'm going to a Sushi restaurant in a week or so. I dislike fish.
Can I have some recommendations for non fish dishes that will likely be available?

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  1. Talk to Sushi chef when you get there. Many are happy to make you a selection of non fish based ones as well. Some more popular ones (around here) are california rolls, avacado rolls. vegetable maki, etc. If you eat shrimp the crazy maki (shrimp tempura) are really good.

    Most sushi palces usally offer a number of japenese appa and entrees as well. A few "non fish" favorites of mine are the gyoza (dumplings), beef tataki and almost all the udon noodle dishes.

    1. Well, just hope that it is not a strictly sushi place, and rather is a more general "Japanese" place.

      Good and fairly standard options might include:

      Tonkatsu: a breaded pork cutlet
      Tempura: fried veggies --fried in a light batter
      Karaage: Japanese fried chicken
      Teriyaki or Yakitori: grilled meat (the former) or grilled chicken (the latter)
      Donburri: rice bowl on which you get some topping often involving an egg or omlet with chicken or veggies
      Soba or Udon: buckwheat (the former) or wheat (the latter) noodles, served in a soup (ramen) or with a dipping sauce.

      1. At most Japanese restaurants, they will have beef or chicken teriyaki. This is a very safe choice (think stir fried bite sized pieces of meet in a soy sauce). Also there's katsu (breaded pork or chicken) if you like things on the crunchy side.

        Tempura is always a great bet but I'm assuming that if you don't fish, you probably don't want shrimp tempura. You can get vegetable tempura instead.

        I often find my friends liking the Beef udon noodles as an option as well. Sometimes you can find Kalbi ribs on the menu too and my friends always go for that when I go for sushi.

        Which Japanese restaurant are you going to?

        1. Most restaurants in TO that serve sushi also serve chicken teriyaki, chicken or pork katsu (basically Japanese chicken or pork schnitzel), gyoza (fried meat dumplings), salads, vegetable tempura (battered veggies), some tofu dishes, udon or buckwheat soba noodles in broth, and vegetarian sushi (filled with mushrooms, avocado, cucumber, etc instead of fish). Some restaurants also serve yakitori, which are grilled skewers of various meats and/or vegetables.

          Don't worry, you can easily avoid fish. Which restaurant is it? Happy to look over the online menu, if one exists, Herne.

          1. Are you OK with shellfish and crustaceans like shrimp, octopus, squid, Surf Clams Goeduck clams...etc. If not, then we are in trouble!! However, if above is acceptable then just order them a la carte instead of fish Otherwise you may have to just settle for vegetarian options ( cucumbers, avacados...etc ).
            However, ALL Toronto Sushi Restaurants are NOT pure pedigree as those found in Japan. As such, they will have meat ( Teriyaki ) or fried food ( tempura ) options on the side. Just like an Oyster place like Starfish offerind a number of meat dishes or Morton's steak house offering seafood/fish options!