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Dec 4, 2012 09:19 AM

North End Italian

I'm looking for a good North End Italian restaurant that's not too expensive but still very good food, wine and service. I've crashed and burned on NEBo and I go to Neptune's all the time. Beyond that, I could use a few suggestions.


Bob M.

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  1. Antico Forno may fit your requirements, I'd stick to the brick oven entree's.

    1. THANK YOU for starting this thread! Long overdue and much needed IMO.

      1. Bob, here's a thread I had about North End Italian a few weeks ago. It should help a little.

        1. Have you searched this board? There is so much discussion about the NE that you could spend hours reading what has already been posted.

          A lot of folks swear by Neptune Oyster.

          1. Prezza is scheduled to reopen 12/15. You could make a meal of apps.

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              I enjoyed my meal at Prezza last summer. Glad they'll be reopening soon.