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Dec 4, 2012 08:05 AM

holiday dinner with a vegetarian?

I moved away from New York about two years ago, and my NYC restaurant encyclopedia is starting to fail me. I've searched a bunch on this board but can't find quite what I'm looking for...

Anyway, I need to plan a dinner for 4-5 women (all in our 20s) that meets these requirements:
--Around $75 a person, including a drink / tax / tip.
--Celebratory atmosphere but doesn't have to be fancy. Casual but festive would be fine... We went to 'Inoteca on 24th street for this dinner last year, and Five Leaves the year before.
--1 person coming from Astoria and 1 from Williamsburg, so preferably on the East Side below 59th street
--One person is a vegetarian (not a vegan)
--Any cuisine is fine. We like to share small plates, and we all like American, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Mexican, Spanish, French...

Any ideas much appreciated... Thanks in advance!

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    1. What about Beauty & Essex or the Stanton Social? Good food, shareable, many options....

      1. The first place that sprung to mind is Comodo, which is lively, friendly, and well within your budget.

        It looks like it's open on Christmas Day (wasn't sure from your post when this dinner is planned for). If you're not looking for Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, you'll have far more options.

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          How's the food there? I've never heard of it... has anyone eaten there? I can't tell by their website if they have a full bar, or just wine, or any drinks at all?

        2. How about ABC Kitchen? I'd reserve ASAP, though, they're pretty popular.

          1. This is for Friday, December 28, most likely... and thanks for the ideas so far! I've had a really bad experience at Stanton Social -- and it seems like all of their vegetarian options are deep fried and filled with cheese -- so probably not that. ABC Kitchen might work though!