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Dec 4, 2012 07:27 AM

kosher party vendors-chocolate fountains, ice cream

hi-i am having a very small bat mitzvah party for my daughter and i need kosher vendors; cocolate fountain, soft serve ice cream , candy etc. for about 30 kids. we live in westchester also. anyone have any ideas?

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  1. i should say that i have found a place to do it, only problem is that he only does larger parties (swtarting at 100 people).

    1. Would you consider doing it yourself? You can buy a chocolate fountain from Bed Bath and Beyond and can buy large containers of hard ice cream. I doubt soft serve is doable without a machine though.

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        i will if i must but then who wants the equipment? not me! it is starting to look like i may have to though. depressing.

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          For the price of some of these, you can buy it and throw it out afterwards and it will still be cheaper than finding a caterer. If you can donate as shoelace suggested, even better.

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            thanks to you both :) will think about it doing it ourselves- our shul wouldn't have a use for it (very small) otherwise would be a great idea!

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              You could also offer it up on a Craig's list-type of thing. (I've never used Craig's list, though, so I really don't have any idea of how it really works.)

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            a friend of mine was in a similar situation in sc

            so she bought the equipment, which isnt as pricey as one would think, and then had her daughter donate it to her shul as part of the mitzva part of the bat mitzva

        2. Check with Alan Party Rental.


          They wont staff the event for you, but they can supply you with anything you need.

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            Is this a kosher-only rental place? Their website said nothing about kashrut, and I would imagine that that would be a key concern for chocolate fountains, etc.

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              They do a lot of business with kosher caterers. They will have a good idea what you can and cant use. You can also ask your local rabbi what items you can use.

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                But if they are not under supervision, how could one use their items which have already been used for food which is most likely not kosher?

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                  many rental companies have kosher items. Contact them with any further questions.

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                    Others are welcome to do that; without oversight, there is no way I would trust the word of an interested party, that is to say, the one who wants my business, on the kashrut of a k'li where there is no physical way to prove that kashrut.

          2. I was at a simcha in Scarsdale with a rented Pucker Powder machine. Kids fill up plastic tubes with sour colored sugar. Not my thing, but the kids loved it. Perhaps someone in the area knows where to rent one from. They also had a staffed chocolate fountain and a sundae bar. A party planner sourced and coordinated everything.

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              Call Candyland -Brooklyn - Ask for A J - 718.436.9308
              They have all the machines - Pop Corn- Cotton Candy- Donut Fyer .... and of course CANDY
              Under Vaad 5T -