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Dec 4, 2012 06:59 AM

North Wales area for Steak Au Poivre

Any place close to North Wales that serves an incredible Steak Au Poivre. I haven't seen my step dad in awhile, and would love to find a restaurant in his area that serves his favorite dish.

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  1. Let me suggest two in the Doylestown area (about 15 minute drive, especially since you have the new 202 bypass).

    In downtown Doylestown, Slate Bleu serves a classic steak au poivre. It is a french bistro in the Agriculture Works a beautiful old brick structure in the center of town that has shops, offices and this restaurant.. The restaurant itself is small with about 15 tables and a bar. The steak is good, though it is on thesmall side. They describe it as a bar steak and call it a petit NY Strip. It is served with frites.

    Another option is KC Prime in Warrington. They serve both a porterhouse and a NY Strip with a peppercorn sauce accompanied by a baked potato. Definitely not as authentic as Slate Bleu but the meat (wet aged beef) will be superior to Slate Bleu. KC Prime is a classic steakhouse, and also have a location in the Princeton area. The Warrington address is a converted Houlihans, has an open feel, a nice vibe though can be a bit loud on busy nights.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Exactly how much pepper is on a steak au poivre? I've always been afraid to order it...
      A buddy of mine tells the story of having ordered it somewhere, not knowing what it meant, and hated having to choke down "so much pepper".

      1. re: Dave_in_PA

        While I would call it encrusted, there is a decided amount of pepper on both sides of the steak. Here is a recipe that also includes a picture. Perhaps one of our chefs can comment on this as well.

        1. re: cwdonald

          wow. sooo... are you supposed to actually eat the peppercorns or do you scrape them off after they've infused the steak during cooking? Maybe my buddy comitted a faux pas?

          Oh, and to get back on-topic for michele cindy, Slate Bleu is one of my favorite restaurants and everything there is good. Get a side order of the vegetable bayaldi... the fanned out version of ratatouille, like in the movie.

          1. re: Dave_in_PA

            I think you will see a difference between americanized versions where the au poivre sauce is more like a cognac/pepper flavored sauces that is served on the meat as opposed to the classic french way that encrusts it. As to whether you eat the peppercorns or not.. that is individual taste. I usually will scrape off some but eat a few as well.

            1. re: Dave_in_PA

              The peppercorns are very corsely crushed, so you don't get the full effect of the equivalent amount of finely ground pepper. I've never found it hot enough to necessitate scraping any off.

              For what it's worth, most of the high-end steak house chains (Capital Grille, etc) will offer steak au poivre. So if Radnor-King of Prussia isn't too far for you, there are several choices. Although I noticed last week that Fleming's doesn't (only a peppercorn sauce, which I didn't find terribly appealing).

      2. Bridget's steakhouse in Ambler is 10 minutes from NW and has this on the menu. I haven't ordered it, but most of their food is usually really well done. Pricey, but well done.

        1. So where did you end up michele? We hounds need closure he he he

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          1. re: givemecarbs

            Thinking of doing it next week. Bridget's is too expensive, and Slate isn't open at lunch. I saw a place called the "Village Tavern" they have it on the menu but I have no idea how the place is. He also loves veal marsala, so that's another option, any thoughts?

            1. re: michele cindy

              If you want good veal marsala in North Wales, try Ariana's on North Wales Road (in the shopping center next to the Pep Boys). I'm sure Ariana's serves steak too, but we always order veal. Veal dishes are in the low to mid $20's and include soup or salad and spaghetti or vegetables. Ariana's is also BYOB.

              1. re: RitterSportRules

                Thanks I saw Arianna's and since he does love veal marsala, that might be doable. Hope he feels better soon so we can get there!

                1. re: michele cindy

                  I can't say I've tried veal marsala at Ariana's, but I have been very disappointed with the quality of food there. For steak I'd probably go to Century House; I'd also suggest the William Penn Inn for steak au poivre, but that's probably as expensive as Bridget's. If you're considering veal, I have found Arpeggio in Springhouse to be a better option than Ariana's.

                  1. re: gaffk

                    Ariana's has their loyal regulars. The time I went it was very crowded with families and couples and the service was friendly. But I couldn't take the perfume/cologne. I know it sounds odd but they seem to attract a crowd of all ages and genders that love their fragrance. Food was okay but I had trouble tasting it.

            2. re: givemecarbs

              Still had not gone, now we are on for Sat. hopefully will work out this time.

              1. re: michele cindy

                thanks for the updated replies, it's been postponed again... My step-dad has the flu :(

            3. Haven't tried this place yet, but our neighbors rave about it. My daughter and family also tried it recently - they ordered from the Prix Fixe dinner selections and thoroughly enjoyed their meals. I see by the menu that you can get Filet Au Poivre on the regular menu as well as the prix fixe.