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need interesting/"different" ideas for dessert party

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I'm looking for interesting desserts as well as a few dessert"ish" savory items to serve for a 50th birthday champagne & dessert party. I'd like to include some unexpected items/ingredients, but sometimes, those desserts are more interesting than yummy. Any fun ideas? Maybe something you've made or eaten recently at a restaurant?

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  1. you could do some "savory" gelato ...

    Have a look at this : http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.c...

    1. Candied or chocolate covered bacon!

      1. This summer I made the most wonderful Thai basil ice cream after trying it in an upscale Thai restaurant. Very refreshing .

        I also made bacon caramel ice cream that still needs to played with but the concept was good. I used a traditional vanilla base with swirls of bacon caramel.

        My new favorite cookie is smitten kitchens potato chip one. Like a salty/savory Scottish shortbread.

        1. - black pepper panna cotta or ice cream
          - olive oil gelato (you can add herbs too)
          - pistachio cake or rice pudding with rosewater syrup
          - lavender creme brulée
          - saffron ice cream
          - spiced popcorn ice cream
          - peanut curry ice cream
          - bacon chocolate chip cookies
          - black pepper chocolate cake
          - goat cheese brownies
          - apple-cinnamon strudel spiked with cayenne
          - red chile brownies
          - Chinese five-spice chocolate cake or ice cream

          1. the other day, I tasted an apple poached in Stout beer, it was quite different and rustic.

            1. I know this wasn't what you asked but I do suggest some traditional savouries such as a cheese plate, mixed nuts, etc. My friend has a purely-sweet dessert party every year and people overdose on the sugar pretty quickly, including confirmed sweet tooths such as myself.

              1. In light of the Hostess/Twinkie debacle, each of my siblings are getting a big box of Tasty-cake treats for Christmas

                1. Haven't made it in years. Fry some won tons sprinkle with powdered sugar then make a sauce if apricot jam melted with apricot liqueur and keep warm

                  1. Thank you all so much for these suggestions! There are definitely some interesting ideas here -- some for the party, and some that I simply must try just for fun (like the different gelatos). I want to stay away from frozen desserts because they're a little more high maintenance than I would like (all of that annoying melting). I definitely am planning some savory options as well as good ole fruit. I'm thinking chocolate martinis and perhaps a Baileys-type milkshake as well. I've seen several bacon dessert recipes that look good (maple pecan bacon cupcakes or buttermilk bacon pralines) and either a potato chip chocolate chip cookie or potato chip chocolate caramel fudge looks interesting too. I may have to start sampling recipes this weekend -- YUM