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Dec 4, 2012 06:07 AM

Early dinner near Meadowlark Botanical gardens?

My family and I are attending the Winter Walk of Lights at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna on Sunday. We have tickets for the 5:30 walk and we're going to do an early dinner somewhere in the area beforehand.

I don't know that area well, can someone help make a recommendation for that area? We have a fairly adventurous 8-year old son and 2-year old son who is.... well, you know how 2-year olds are :). So something fairly family-friendly but not a chain, not too pricey, obviously. Thanks!

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  1. If Chinese is OK, I'd suggest East Chateau. It's on Rt 123 (Maple Ave) in Vienna, a few blocks toward Oakton (away from Tyson's Corner) in a shopping center with Magruder's. Although they seem to do a pretty brisk takeout business, on Sunday evenings it's practically empty so the kids will be no problem. Food's quite good and it's cheap. You should call when making your plans to see if they're open early enough to make your 5:30 walk (allow 10 minutes or so drive to the park),

    There are a few other restaurants in that shopping center that are definitely family friendly, a Panera and Foster's Grill (good burgers and shakes). Anita's Southwest (Mexican) is also pretty good. They're also on Rt. 123 just a bit toward Tyson's Conrer from Beulah Rd.

    Vienna is loaded with restaurants in a barely 2 mile strip. If there's something you want to eat, it's probably there. Others you might consider are Kabob Tavern or Joe's Pizza & Pasta, both on Rt. 123, near Nutley Rd.

    1. Rose Kabob in Vienna for Persian food. Call ahead to reserve the tahdig (bottom of the rice pot). which is in limited supply and a real treat. The ab gosht is a kind of poor-man's stew which is delicious.

      1. I am a member of Meadowlark. You will have a wonderful time. From Vienna you will need to turn off 123 onto Beulah. To fit your family friendly early need, I'm thinking Skorpios/Maggios

        Though, I only know them for Greek. This menu looks rather new though I was in a few weeks ago. I can vouch for the gyros and rotisserie chicken!