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Dec 4, 2012 05:43 AM

Watery seafood salad

Hello all, why is it when I but seafood or almost any salad from my supermarket's deli, the mayonnaise dressing sticks to it but when I make them at home, within an hour it's a creamy puddle at the bottom of the container. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. Could be b/c the mayo sticks you buy have a little 'binding agent' in them. Read the ingredient list. Whereas at home you don't put any binding agent in. Do you make the mayo from scratch? Try adding a bit of fresh bed in if you're using s blender. J Child calls for fresh bread in her mayo recipe.

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      Commercial salads almost always have some kind of binding agent. Usually xanthum (sp?) gum.

      I have never tried the Julia trick, thanks for the tip. My answer is to make it right before I want to eat it and not plan on leftovers. I also only include shrimp and fresh crab in my seafood salad. I find once you add scallops or certain fishes the water content is too high. I never include those nasty imitation crab legs. I swear those are all water. yuck

    2. If you're using frozen product, try a very slow defrost in the refrigerator.

      Try to avoid fast defrost.

      It may be that this is the root cause as frozen seafood tends to give up water if not defrosted slowly.

      Just a thought.