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Dec 3, 2012 10:31 PM

What are your favorite chinese restaurants in Vancouver BC?

I am simply seeking the best chinese food in any style in the greater Vancouver/ Richmond area; Dim sum, Szechuan, Shanghai, Hong Kong etc. what do you suggest?

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  1. BC has its own board on Chowhound, with hundreds of answers to your question.

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    1. I like Dynasty or Kirin on Cambie for higher end Cantonese dim sum, Good Choice and Golden Ocean for value. Big Chef does good Canto dinners.

      Lots of good Shanghainese here, but I find myself returning to Long's. Not every dish is stellar but overall, very consistent and again, great value. Plus Sandy is a pistol.

      Nine Dishes is a fun mashup of Sichuan and a bit of Beijing street food -- best dishes are the water-boiled fish (still the best version I've tried) and the lotus root "burgers" (deep fried goodness. The owner If is a character, the beer is cold and cheap and the rice is free. Service can be a bit whacky.

      Another resource for Chinese tasties are the myriad Asian food courts in Richmond (and one in Burnaby). I particularly enjoy the crepes from O'Tray in President's Plaza.