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Dec 3, 2012 10:23 PM

Help please - How to season cast aluminum waffle irons

I just purchased a vintage electric Sunbeam CG waffle iron. It has cast aluminum plates that are removable. It appears unused but it did not come with the instruction manual. Can anyone recommend how to season cast aluminum waffle irons? Thanks!

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  1. Here's some instructions from Fante's that pretty much covers all the options:

    I'd do them in the oven coated with peanut oil, set on a tray to catch drips. Simple, should be effective. Here's a link to an eHow article that pretty much says the same thing:

    Finally, you might search this board for seasoning cast iron, there are a ton of threads and opinions presented here on the topic of seasoning.

    1. As jannie said, just coat the waffle iron with oil (lightly with oil, not too thick), then just heat up the waffle iron for 10-20 minute. Repeat at least one more time.

      1. Thanks! We have some grapeseed oil on hand so I'll probably use that instead of peanut oil. That should be fine right? Can't wait to make some waffles this weekend!

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          <We have some grapeseed oil on hand so I'll probably use that instead of peanut oil.>

          It will work just fine. Most cooking oils will work.

        2. All right - thanks! We'll let you know how it turns out this weekend.

          1. I have a similar problem. I bought a 2ndhand Pizzelle Iron. Except all the pizzelle stick. I think I need to spend more time seasoning it.