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Dec 3, 2012 06:46 PM

Andres or Alize - or something off strip like Marche Bacchus?

I've been to Vegas enough to realize the upcharge for strip dining - and yet with that said I find it hard to resist the Robuchon/Gagnaire/Savoy triad for French cuisine. With Gagnaire booked alongside e by Jose Andres for 2/3 "fine dining" meals I'm still debating Robuchon versus somewhere I haven't been.

Any recent reports on Andres or Alize? How about Bacchus? Obviously none of them are going to have the 'wow' factor of a Robuchon, but how does the food stack up?

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  1. We went to Marche Bacchus about two months ago. While we enjoyed the evening overall, the quality of food was uneven. Specifically, my wife and I both ordered the butternut squash soup and it was so thick you could literally stand your spoon up in it! The mussels we had as an appetizer were overcooked. The remainder of the meal was very good; three different entrees and dessert. In addition, there was live entertainment and dining by the "lake" always adds to the experience.

    For what it worth, David Middleton, Chef at Marche Bacchus, was just named Chef of the Year by the NPR folks in Desert Companion magazine's 16th annual Restaurant Awards.