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Dec 3, 2012 06:20 PM

Cupcake Help!

I need some recommendations for the best cupcakes you've every had in Southern California in the Santa Barbara, Ojai, Ventura and maybe also the LA area. I'm terrified of getting something with frosting made of lard.

I'm looking for something with both substance and style, like Miette in San Francisco.

This place was recommended by others on Chowhound: Lark
and this:

I'd be curious of what people think of Vanilla Bake Shop and Lark

Any suggestions?

P.S. I love the look of this Superfine cake, I just can't afford it:

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  1. I really like Susie Cakes. The closest one to you maybe their Calabasas location,

    Susie Cakes
    23653 Calabasas Rd
    Calabasas, CA 91302

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      1. re: wienermobile

        +2 for susie cakes. Yet to find a cupcake that I like better.

      2. Be sure to visit Crushcakes (locations in Carpinteria and Santa Barbara, the chocolate-based cupcakes in particular), and Pattibakes in Buellton (if you like Carrot Cupcakes or Lemon Raspberry).

        Enjoy Cupcakes in Los Olivos Wine Country is worth a stop, too. Her menu changes every week.

        1. One of our few culinary claims to fame in Northridge is Dreamy Creations cupcakes. They won the cupcake wars on the food channel, if that means anything to you. Wide variety of flavors - burnt marshmallow, creme brulee, every kind of chocolate and vanilla. Definitely worth your consideration, although a schlep from Santa Barbara.