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Dec 3, 2012 06:16 PM

Need new fridge

We currently have a 10 year old GE Profile side by side (counter depth). I have never really liked it and now it is just malfunctioning all the time, including making an annoying loud motor humming sound almost constantly now, and we are thinking that it is time to move on and get a better fridge vs. spend $$ getting this thing repaired. We're needing it to fit into our cabinetry (36wx70hx27d). I'm looking for something better than what we have without spending $6-10k. Any ideas for a moderately priced fridge? Can be side by side, traditional top freezer, or "french door" style. We're open to suggestion. We're not a big family but we entertain a lot and need some room. Thanks!

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  1. I notice that you do not mention bottom freezer configuation, After extensive comparison, I settled on a counter-depth bottom freezer model to replace my conventional top freezer refigerator. This will give me much easier access to the part of the unit I use most. I've never understood the appeal of side-by-side designs, which seem the most cramped to me.

    Addendum: Oh, I see that "french door" implies bottom freezer. That would be the most convenient, but mine will be a single door, as it is a narrow unit.

    1. quick and easy 2 cents:

      A fridge's job is to keep things at around 38 degrees. Don't overthink it too much.

      French door config should allow you to keep longer things in the fridge (like food trays)compared to a side by side.

      French door is also less bending over.

      Ice/water in the door takes up space from your fridge.

      Test the drawers shelves. Don't assume they are not flimsily constructed. TEST THEM.

      And, finally, once again, a fridge's job is to keep things at around 38 degrees.

      I'm a French Door fridge person. Not ever buying anything else, but maybe a single door on top freezer on bottom config.

      1. We have a Samsung 26 cu ft french door refrigerator purchased new almost three years ago. This year, there have been 8 service calls which 4 were to replace parts. We have had water in the bottom of the upper portion with rust stains, the drain trays have been a breeding ground for gnats and now the freezer section has been having frost inside periodically. A&E Service seems the be incapable of repairing the thing and I would like to roll it out to the street and get something else.

        My 2 cents worth, don't consider Samsung.