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Dec 3, 2012 06:16 PM

Favorite Hollywood Sushi?

Ok this has probably been beaten to death here.

1. Sushi Ike
- Omakase is absolutely delicious. The best Toro I've had in my life. The seared salmon melts in your mouth. The freshness and tenderness of the Amberjack is amazing with a hint of uzu. The sea bass salad made with uzu, sea salt, scallions, onions and sprouts is so refreshing and delicious. Grilled octopus is surprisingly tender. I also highly recommend the scallop. But get it two ways. Seared and not seared.
- A lot of people give Ike flack since it switched ownerships and Ike opened Kimagure in Pasadena. I will say I have been going to Ike since the switch. I took a break at first and was not blown away. In the last 6 months however the quality of the fish and dishes are on a new level. I've turned a few ex Ike goers back into regulars. I'm going about once a week now. The staff is lovely as well. Rick the new owner is a laugh and a wonderful chef.

2. Sushi Eyaki
- Sushi Eyaki is a great middle ground sushi restaurant to maybe take someone that isn't versed with traditional Japanese styles of sushi. They offer rolls that are filling and acceptable to the novice sushi adventurer. But they also offer delicious sushi and sashimi.
- The sushi and sashimi is fairly fresh here. It's not the best I've had but it is tasty. My only complaint is most of the fish is either marinated or in a sauce. While some fish maybe this is necessary, I don't think all fish need this. These sweet sauces hide the true taste of the fish. That's why I eat sushi. To enjoy the taste of the fish!

Would love to try a few other places in Hollywood. I have tried some other joints that aren't worth mentioning. Sugar Fish is not in Hollywood but I am familiar with the Nozawa clan and have been to those restaurants. Sushi in the Valley is another story :) I plan to goto Kimagure soon. I haven't tried Ike's new restaurant and am quite curious!

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  1. Going to respectfully, but strongly, disagree wtih Eyaki. I was craving sushi, stumbled on this post, and decided to give it a try because it was close-ish.

    I have never had a more disappointing sushi experience. I ordered 3 cut rolls, yellowtail, albacore, and spicy scallop, and will be throwing them and my $22 away, sadly.

    In the first two, the fish was poor quality, tasted days old, and was hacked into giant pieces, more likely with a machete than a proper sharp blade.

    The albacore, I'm guessing, was seared which was odd. Not in a high-end way where there is a 1/4 inch cooked crust on an otherwise raw pristine slice of fish. More like someone cooked the fish 65% of the way through. The yellowtail - which they promised me to make with scallion, had no scallion and the quality was equally bad.

    The scallop looked like a train wreck. Someone had drowned these poor rolls in "spicy" glop, then for good measure tossed another 1/2 cup of the small bay scallops in more spicy glop, and thrown the whole thing on top. It honestly looked more like biscuits and gravy than sushi.

    To say I'm frustrated with this experience would be an understatement.

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    1. re: sasha1

      Right. And that's why I recommended it as a "middle ground" sushi restaurant. I've never had fish that wasn't fresh there. Depends on what day of the week you go like any sushi restaurant. They get different fish during different parts of the week....

      Goto Sushi Ike if you want the real deal.

      Albacore is almost always seared at most sushi restaurants when served. I've actually never not had it seared. Maybe you're thinking of Blue Fin or Toro which is usually served raw.

      If you go to Sushi Ike I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm very shocked that you had a bad experience at Eyaki. I've never encountered what you did. Hopefully you didn't go on a Saturday or a Sunday. That's probably the worst time to goto any Sushi restaurant because the fish has been sitting around for the week for the most part.

      1. re: mountainboy6288

        I just went - an hour ago - so yes, Saturday. I would not at all assume that Sat fish is less fresh, because Sat is a big eating out day.

        Believe me I've had sushi at many places that were not high end, just moderately priced, and enjoyed it. This stuff was BAD.

        Sushi is an art form, where the fish is respected and everything is meant to be subtlely beautiful and delicious. This place was a hack job. They disrespected the food and the customer.

        We'll just have to agree to disagree.

        1. re: sasha1

          Ok. Well I haven't eaten there in 4 months. Perhaps it's changed since I was last there. But please try Sushi Ike. If you want an artform, sit at the bar and Rick will blow your socks off.