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Dec 3, 2012 05:41 PM

Fleming's Beverly Hills, anyone been

Curious if anyone has tried the newly opened Fleming's steakhouse in Beverly Hills? If so, how would you compare it to the many steakhouse's nearby?

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  1. It ranks squarely as the 5th best steakhouse in that part of town, behind Mastro's / Mastro's Penthouse, Wolfgang's, Arnie Morton's, and CUT.

    It ranks a bit ahead of Ruth's Chris, Palm, and Capital Punishment (oops I meant Capital Grille)...

    1. Fleming's is pretty mediocre...someone gave me a GC, and I went to the Woodland Hills and Downtown location a couple times (it was a large GC). The steaks were not good, some of the sides/salads were OK. Wine list pricey and fairly pedestrian.

      Personally, I think going out for steak a big waste of money...I prefer grilling my own in backyard and having leftovers for steak sandwiches.

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        Well, the head chef at Fleming's Beverly Hills comes from their Woodland Hills location, so you'll probably have the same experience in BH.