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Dec 3, 2012 05:31 PM

Downtown Mesa for One Night

Hi, we will need a good recommendation near the Mesa Arts Center for Saturday night. We love good food and cost or type of food is wide open.

What is worth the visit in downtown Mesa?

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  1. What is worth the visit in downtown Mesa?

    Nothing, really.

    But if you have to eat in that area, best bet is Blue Adobe Grill.

    1. There's an odd themed bar/restaurant called Monsterland that's actually better than one would expect it to be (and they have a decent local beer selection). Mangos is a decent fast Mexican spot. There's also a Thai restaurant called Nunthaporn's that's less than a block from the gets good reviews though my one visit there was "meh".

      Those are all within walking distance of the MAC. I do agree that in the general area, Blue Adobe Grill is probably the best bet.

      1. My two favorite places for dinner with walking distance of MAC:

        Nunthaporn for very good Thai. I'm particularly fond of the Jungle Curry there.

        Mango's for casual, order-at-the-counter Mexican.

        Blue Adobe, as mentioned above, is also good, but a bit more of a walk to MAC -- a little over half a mile.

        1. did de la Cruz Bistro close? that used to be pretty good, right next to Monsterland.

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            It's hard to tell. It closed over the summer. I'm not sure if it has reopened:

            1. re: exit2lef

              Without looking at the details, I see they've had a lot of inspection activity - as recent as 11/27/2012.