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Dec 3, 2012 05:00 PM

Need a restaurant in Bordeaux that's open Christmas Eve

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant that will be open Christmas Eve? We are staying right in the city center at the Grand Hotel de Bordeaux. Looking to spend ~75 euros pp with wine.


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    1. re: TailbackU

      Sorry, it looks like your hotel concierge and are your best bets.

      My eating experience is limited and not entirely happy in Bordeaux. Maybe just for the setting, Chez Jean on the place du Parlement. It's usually open 7/7 so probably ok on xmas eve. But standard brasserie fare.

      1. re: Parnassien

        I cannot address your Bordeaux resto question, but I can tell you that when we were there a few years ago we stayed at the same hotel. when you walk out of the hotel, turn right and right there there is an amazing chocolatier -a MOF who has a fabulous chocolate store. in fact the whole town is a food paradise. turn right and you'll see a large boulevard,just cross over it and you'll see a bunch of streets. Just browse around -lots of yummy treats.

    2. Bordeaux is the city in France that has the highest number of restaurants per capita. Some quite good. I am sure there will be plenty of options on Christmas eve.

      La Tupina is open on Christmas eve with a 100€ holiday menu (also served on Christmas day), no à la carte when that menu is served. A highly recommended restaurant. You can book online

      La Brasserie Bordelaise should certainly be open; I had one of the most wonderful entrecôtes-frites there a few days ago.

      If you can travel a bit, Le Lion d'Or in Arcins (Margaux) and Darroze in Langon are also recommended.

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        Thanks so much! I thought I looked into La Tupina and thought they were closed xmas eve, but will look again.