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Dec 3, 2012 04:04 PM

[SE Michigan] Brioche Hamburger Buns

Any idea where to find these in SE Michigan. I always eat them at fancy places with burgers so I'm assuming some make them and some get them from a supplier.

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  1. I would ask Frita Batidos (AA) for their purveyor.

    1. Trader Joe's has some and they are tasty. I do believe Zingerman's makes brioche buns as well. I know they make hamburger buns, but call the bakehouse and they'll let you know. The Croissant Shop (AA) is a bit daunting for retail customers, but they may do a bun as well. I know their standard brioche are heavenly.

      1. I've gotten brioche burger buns at Whole Foods during the summer - other times of year I have not seen them there. Zingerman's had challah hamburger rolls yesterday. I don't consider challah to be an equal substitute for brioche in regards to hamburger buns - but I'm a burger nerd....

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          Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try Whole Foods and Trader Joes since its in my area (Pleasant Ridge). Ann Arbor is a little out of the way for me.

          1. re: FetaCheese

            Ned's Travelburger gets their yummy sort-of-brioche buns from Holiday Market's bakery, which as you know is close by. They may be pre-order only? Also, sometimes Natalie's Bakery (quality place!) in Madison Hts at 13 Mile & John R has brioche rolls which are very good, but may be slightly too sweet for your savory application.

            1. re: VTB

              I went to Holiday Mkt today looking for Brioche buns for my Venison pie "burgers" and hasx missed the "sort-of" modifier in VTBs comment and only found Challa , Kaiser or egg in the similar vein. I should have improvised but was looking for the Birmingham Luxe equivalent and wound up empty. Challa will be my next choice and Holiday had at least two choices.

              1. re: goatgolfer

                Sorry GG, hope I didn't mislead you. The other disclaimer in my post was that they may be pre-order, so it might still be worth asking next time you're in, but not worth a special trip to find out, since I doubt you live within a couple blocks of there, unlike the poster. Holiday was a stretch thought...
                PS- Get any more takers for Loon River's wild game special menu night?

        2. Zingermans does make brioche buns:

          They also hold classes in making brioche:

          I've taken a couple of bread classes at Zingermans and they're great.


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          1. re: BobRe

            I was at Zingerman's Bake House today and they had Brioche Rolls. I looked at them, remembered this thread and totally forgot to ask if they had them in bun size.
            I would agree with BobRe, I've taken lots of classes there and while they are pricey, you'll love the environment and you can contact them at any time if you're having problems.

            1. re: grouper

              I was going to comment that the brioche rolls at Zings are delicious, but so tiny they'd be good for sliders, but not hamburgers. Really, really small sliders.

          2. I wonder about the bakery at Schoolcraft College ...