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Dec 3, 2012 02:49 PM

St Pete Locally Grown Market

I have just placed my first order with St Pete Locally Grown an online market similar to a CSA, but more customizable. The order will be delivered on Friday. Wondering if anyone else orders from here? Favorite products? I mainly purchased produce, but they have many other products.

There was a story in CL:

Here is the website. I thought it might be helpful to those looking for a wide variety of produce.

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  1. Update: Just picked up my first order and everything looks great. Nice fresh product just picked this morning from a local chemical free farm. Delivery was on time and it was nice to meet the owner and other customers. I would highly recommend trying this service. Here are some photos of my order farm fresh eggs. micro greens, radish and turnips with tops, baby bok choy, and lacinato kale.

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      Your photos are beautiful, and they make me hungry!
      My paleo daughter will love this. Am curious to know how you liked the products...and if you felt it was a good value. Thanks for posting.

      1. re: joan

        The produce was all very fresh and tasty. The eggs are farm grown and you can taste the difference. As for the value, it is more expensive than Publix but I do feel the quality and variety is worth the higher price. They are not certified organic but all the farms are chemical free, mainly small local places.