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Opinion on recipe: Ice cider Savarin experiment

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I have desert duty for my familly and wanted your advice on a concept (most of you are foodies after all!).

Apparently the whole "Baba au rhum/Savarin" experiment was born when someone had to find a replacement for a Tokaj soaked Kouglof. The rhum sirup we have now is what was apparently developped to replace the Tokaj soak.

I'd like to try my hand in soaking a savarin in our own local sweet liquor but I'm wondering how to approach it.

I could:

1) Use it as is since it is already pretty sweet.
2) Reduce the ice cider to half its volume to get a more sirupy consistency
3) Try to incorporate the ice cider in a simple sirup (which would be a crime in my opinion)

I'm initially thinking of soaking the cake in a very sweet ice wine (something like neige) but wanted to see what you thought of it!

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