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Dec 3, 2012 02:42 PM


Any Cambodian restaurants around Dallas/Richardson/Plano?

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  1. I went searching for a Cambodian restaurant after I returned from a vacation in Siem Reap but couldn't find anything. Hopefully someone has a good recommendation. However, is there a specific dish you're looking for? It's possible it could be found at a Vietnamese or Thai restaurant around town.

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    1. re: demigodh

      No specific dish, just trying to impress this Cambodian chick that I want to know better.

      1. re: Khatru

        If you really want to impress her, cook something :D
        I like this website, the mermaid prawns are really good.

    2. No Cambodians.....only Loatians.

      There was a small population of Cambdians around Jimmy's food store in East Dallas. Not sure if there are any families still in that neighborhood. I would go scoping out that area for food. Make friends and see if you get an invite to dinner!!

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      1. re: LewisvilleHounder

        Yeah, there is a lot of Lao influence over here in FW. The mr. plays on a rec soccer team, and there is a team made up of mostly Cambodians. I'll have him ask around if any of them have recs when they meet up next.

        1. re: alliegator

          We need those recs or some names of old grandmas!!