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Dec 3, 2012 02:42 PM

Kosher NYC Restaurant(s) That Do a Top Job Delivering to Non-Kosher Restaurants

I will be dining with several people at a business dinner in NYC and would like to arrange for kosher food to be brought in for me. I know in the old days Levana was the go-to place and they did a fine job. Looking for recommendations/personal experience any Board members have had with the likes of Prime Grill, Le Marais, etc. Details please, including which dishes travel well under wraps and can best handle being reheated, and whether plating on china and getting metal utensils is an option (and whether the extra cost is ridiculous...).

Many thanks.

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    1. re: KosherKing

      I've used Abigail's several times for this (although it's been about 12 month's since the last time) and I have always been very happy with it. menu and prices are on their website:

      I've always been pretty satisfied with their steaks. You don't really get it cooked to order, but it has always been very good.

      I used to find it uncomfortable unwrapping the foil and packaging at the table but I've gotten used to it. The first time I did this I was persuaded by the captain at 21 to let him remove all packaging before it was brought to the table. I later felt badly about that, though, and have come to realize that nobody really cares.

    2. I have used Le Marais for this service many times and having tried a few other options, Le Marais is now the only place I use. It is very uncomforable for others at a table when your meal does not arrive - not to mention that a missing meal can leave you pretty hungry. I do generally order china and metal utensils - I think it is about a $10 addition. They provide the NK restaurant with instructions as to how to handle the kosher meal. It is important that you provide Le Marais with a contact at the NK restaurant who will be responsible. I tend to order things that are ok a few hours after being prepared such as salmon or chicken. Steak is harder but it can be done, if needed. Le Marais is so established in this area that recently when I called a NK restaurant to explain that I would be bringing in a kosher meal they asked me if I would be using Le Marais.

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        Thanks for the info. Any experience using Prime Grill?

      2. I was at a dinner in a non-kosher venue where they ordered dinner for me from Prestige, it was fine. Some items looked better than the non-kosher alternative.