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Dec 3, 2012 02:15 PM

Orange Yolk Eggs - Where Can I Find Them

HI - On a quest to find the perfect orange yolk eggs. Anyone have a source? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Even though I don't live in NJ, regardless of where one lives, you're most likely to find the deepest-colored yolks from an independent local farm that raises free-range chickens. Maybe Google "free-range chicken eggs, your town or county, NJ" & see what comes up. Also check out any natural/organic-type stores in your area.

    1. the color of the yolks is a function of what the hens eat, incidentally, and not **necessarily** any grade on their living conditions...

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        I realize that (used to raise chickens for their eggs myself), but it's still your very BEST bet in order to get deep-colored yolks to look for a local independent producer of free-range eggs. All the corn & marigold petals in the world won't give you the same deeply-colored yolks as a truly free-range bird will.

      2. I agree with the previous posters, and find fresh organic eggs from pasture roaming hens usually have quite bright orange/yellowish yolks. Here is a link where you can find local farms selling eggs, many of the farms do have free roaming hens.