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Dec 3, 2012 02:15 PM

Tiki Bar

I have a craving to drink a zombie cocktail out of a skull mug in an establishment that has dried puffer fish suspended from the ceiling.

Does anyone know of a real tiki bar in the Puget Sound area?

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  1. Alas, no, not that I know of. If you can abide the lack of exotica decor, the Naga Cocktail bar at Chantanee in Bellevue has as decent slate of well-excuted tiki drinks.

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    1. re: equinoise

      Thanks for the tip. A zombie without pufferfish suspended from the ceiling is better than no zombie at all. But I do long for the kitschy atmosphere of genuine tiki bar culture.

    2. ahh, the perfect place is Chantanee Thai Restaurant over in Bellevue. the drinks are authentic and they DO serve in a skull mug! unfortunately, there is no pufferfish..
      but: in Tacoma, there IS a bar with pufferfish, and they serve (i've heard) good drinks! The Tacoma Cabana
      i can't recommend Hula Hula ~ love the decor, not fond of the drinks. god, even the virgin drinks were bad.

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        1. re: Gizmo56

          Gizmo... be sure to report back! I, too, feel the lack of a good tiki place in Seattle.

          1. re: Gizmo56

            i have a tiki bar in my house.. after Trader Vic's Bellevue closed, it's where we drink :)