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Dec 3, 2012 01:58 PM

Spice Kit -- update [SF, FiDi]

I went in to work a different way this morning and ended up at Fremont and Howard. I had a vague memory that there was some place beyond the ordinary FiDi chains at First and Howard, and my memory jogged when I saw Spice Kit.

There were some early reports but nothing recent, and nothing that mentioned they are now open for breakfast. The breakfast menu is short, but different from the standard FiDi fare. There's a "steamed bun" with bacon, "spicy egg," ginger glaze and scallions;a bacon and egg dish with diakon hashbrowns; rice porridge with Chinese sausage, ginger, peanuts, and soft egg; and a sort of deconstructed mango lassi with mango yogurt, mint and "Asian granola"(?).

I had the rice porridge (sans egg) and it was a nice change of pace. I can't give it a fair evaluation, because I ended up eating it room temperature for lunch, but the flavor, texture and ingredients were all good.

They also now cater, which might make a nice change-up for your office lunch.

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  1. The "bacon and egg" dish is pretty good. It's basically like a turnip cake like you find in dim sum restaurants (lo bak go) with what I believe is a sous vide egg on top. There are bits of meat embedded in the turnip cake, which is the bacon I guess. I thought it was chinese sausage at first. They put a few green onions on top. Works pretty well with a few squirts of sriracha.