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Dec 3, 2012 01:28 PM

Dining recommendation for DH and myself in late Dec.

Hello, DH and I are going to be in Vegas for 3 nights in December 12/27 to 12/29. This is what I have planned out as far as meals so far:

12/27 late dinner at Comme Ca at the Cosmopolitan.
12/28 Brunch at Bouchon and early dinner at La Cave at The Wynn***or Lavo or B&B???
12/29 Breakfast/Brunch at Society Cafe, possibly a quick bite lunch at Tacos El Gordo and dinner at Lotus of Siam, Chada Thai or Raku???

We are staying at the Encore but we have a car the first day. So after we check in we plan on driving down to The Cosmopolitan for a late dinner at Comme Ca. The rest of our trip we plan on staying up North in near our hotel. We looking for good food at a good price point. We also want a decent wine /cocktail options What do you think about our choices? We don't want to be stuffed by three huge meals a day but I don't know if I should plan on a lunch meal on 12/28 since we plan on eating pretty dinner pretty early on 12/28.

So is La Cave a good choice for an early dinner? It seems to be mostly small plates? Ideally I would like to do a pre-theater menu this nite since we are eating so early. I did the pre-theater dinner menu at Michael Mina at the Bellagio last month and loved it. But we don't want to trek down to the Bellagio. I did a pre theater at Carnevino and was not impressed. Any other pre-theater options for that nite? Should we try B&B (pre-theater) or LAvo? It seems that the Wynn/Encore restaurants don't offer pre-theater.

What should we choose between RAku, LOS or Chada? My husband has been traveling to Bangkok quite a bit for business and is curious to try the Thai offerings in LV. We would take a cab. Which restaurant is closer to us? Will Chada have their liquor lic by then? I am leaning towards Chada b/c I read LOS is kind of dumpy? Will we be disappointed by Chada? I guess those are all my questions for now.


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  1. Chada Thai's license just came through yesterday. Both Lotus and Chada will have offerings that aren't typical of Bangkok cuisine -- Lotus has many northern specialties, and Chada has southern. I wouldn't call LOS dumpy, although the mall it is in, though. But any thoughts of the seediness of the Commercial center recedes when you start eating the food.

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      Do should we go w/ LOS over Chada? I also didn't realize that Peppermill is so close to wynn. Are the breakfasts really good there? How far a walk from the Wynn.....

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        Haven't been to the Peppermill in a couple of years. The breakfast portions were very large, the food good and the atmosphere interesting (Vegas in the 70's). It is just under a mile north of the Wynn, on the same side of the strip.