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Dec 3, 2012 12:08 PM

New Year Eve Dinner in Tokyo

Hey Guys

Need helping in selecting the ultimate in sushi experiences. My friend and I will be in Tokyo for 24 hours. Looking to make a reservation for New Years Eve. Amazing sushi, cool ambiance. And then hole in the wall ideas for new years day. Where should we go?

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  1. I'm afraid you won't have "the ulimate in sushi experiences" on a day when the fish market is closed.

    Also, most restaurants are closed on January 1. Maybe something in your hotel would be open.

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    1. re: Robb S

      sushi open on the 31st, there is not many places. The one I recommended is already on the board sushi 468. Besides, hotel's sushi will be open, and after having tried sushi Kanesaka in Palace Hotel, sushi Mao in hotel Seiyo, sushi Kyubei in hotel Okura, I recommend sushi Sora in the hotel Mandarin. Yesterday, I called them, their menu on the 31st is at 20,000.-yens, you will have to add 10% charge, and about a third of the price for drinks, so it will be around 30,000.-yens for the night.. well, for a special night

      1. re: Ninisix

        I cant seem to find Sushi 468. Can you please send me a link.
        Can you recommend a neighborhood with many sushi restaurants. In case we can not get a reservation, where we can go to walk around from one place to another

        1. re: lkartash

          Your best bet for high quality sushi is to take the suggestions from Ninisix and try to make reservations right away at a sushi restaurant in a hotel. Since the fish market is closed, almost all the sushi restaurants will be closed as well. Not to mention the fact that it is New Year's during which a lot of businesses and restaurants close for at least a couple of days. Even if you go to a neighborhood with a lot of sushi restaurants, you would just waste your time walking around since none of them would be open. You can refer to the following thread for info on sushi 468 and sushi Zanmai which is apparently open year-round.

          On that note, does anyone know if Hakodate Sushi Kin in ginza is open for New Year's eve? I couldn't find any info other than that they are closed on Sundays. I just thought that there was a possibility that they might be open since I know that they get their neta straight from Hakodate and not from Tsukiji. This is their info:

          1. re: killersmile

            Thank you! We are staying at the Grand Hyatt. Are either sushi 468 or Zanmai near there? If we did have dinner at a Hotel, which would be the best experience but not the most expensive. We do not really want to spend more then $150 USD per person for the dinner. 30,000 is $366, which is a lot for one person for dinner.

            1. re: killersmile

              Also, where should be go at Midnight on December 31. Can you recommend an Izakaya perhaps to go to after we have our sushi dinner?

              1. re: killersmile

                Hakodate Sushi Kin in Ginza will close from the 30th, and will reopen only on January 04th.. 

            2. re: Ninisix

              which would be the best one but not that expensive? and perhaps in a good neighborhood to visit an Izakaya after for the countdown and celebrate the new year?

              1. re: lkartash

                Sushi zanmai's main branch in Tsukiji will be open. Same for sushi 468, a small downtown sushi in Asakusa specialized in Kyoto style sushi (pressed sushi, not Nigiri). Hotel sushi usually have cheaper menu. Sushi Sora usually have menu at 15,000 yens for diner. On new eve, it is 'only' at 20,000, and anyway, the other hotel sushi will not be cheaper, with sushi Sora giving a better luxe impression. Also, you have Imahan's main branch in Asakusa that is open, but last order will be at 19:30, too too early to wait until the countdown in the temple Sensoji in Asakusa.

                1. re: Ninisix

                  what is a busy area with many Izakayas? We are staying in Roppongi but we want to go to lively area for NYE. Have sushi dinner and then Izakaya after. what do you recommend?

                  1. re: lkartash

                    Do you realize that 90% of businesses will be shut over new years? That includes most every independently owned restaurant/izakaya. Except for chains, hotel restaurants, or other places trying to fill the special occasion niche, you're going to have slim pickings. Even if you do find an area with a bunch of izakayas, I would think that most of them won't be open. New years is, after all, one of the biggest holidays in Japan that is meant to be spent with family.

                    1. re: E Eto

                      On 31st, I am not aware of any district with a good bunch of izakaya open. You will more easily find French restaurants or the ones in hotels , ... For the count down, the best place in my opinion is to go to the temple Sensoji in Asakusa. The difficulty is to find a place open late, as this holiday is as important here as our Xmas family holiday. The only place that I can remember is a Robatayaki in Iidabashi, if it is already full, there should be some French likely opened in the district, no specific info about that though...