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Dec 3, 2012 11:39 AM

Bouchon Bistro - which meal for 1st visit (brunch or dinner)?

For those that have had both brunch and dinner at Bouchon Bistro - I'm wondering if there is strong recommendation for one vs. the other.

I'm leaning towards visiting for weekend brunch (for logistics sake) but if dinner is more consistent or better in general, would be open to making the switch.

I'd do both and see for myself, but it doesn't work with my current budget.

Also - if there are any specific recommendations on either menu, I'm all ears.


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  1. Just went to Bouchon for the 1st time, ordered "Steak Frites, pan-seared prime flatiron, caramelized shallots & maître d’hôtel butter, served with French fries" It was heavenly. I've heard wonderful things about their fried chicken too. Around the holidays they give out homemade carmel corn that is fantastic!! Enjoy!!