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Dec 3, 2012 11:28 AM

Small & narrow martini glasses

The usual martini glass - these days - is a large-capacity wide-angled martini glass. I'm looking for a smaller glass with less of a wide angle - more of a narrower opening at the top.

Is this still a martini glass? Any thoughts on where to find? Seems like the rage is huge martini glasses that could hold a TON of martini & is bedazzled - I'm looking for small & simple.


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  1. Good luck! I was told 35 years ago but Old Timers that teh sharp angled glass was not what they had in their yoth. The old glass was more of a wine glass although with some flair according to one man. I have the impression that the side started out at the sharp angle but the glass curved upwards towars the edge. This prevented, or reduced, the most annoying characteristic of the modern "served up" sloshes. THe present "classic" glass does look good, though. This is eveidence that goes back pre-WWII..vermouth still had more color to it then. I think Noilly Prat changed its formula in teh 1960s...I read that somewhere. I hope anyone who finds these glasses can append a photo.

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      Luigi Bormioli Parma cocktail glasses have a slight curve to them and are mid-way between a modern cocktail glass and a old-school champaigne coupe. Libby now sells them as Rigoletto martini glasses. I have a bunch, only problem is that they are 9.5 oz in capacity - way, way to large for the cocktails that I usually serve (though not too large for the martinis that I serve myself some evenings when I get home after a hard, hard day....)

      I really like that classic Nick and Nora glass that EvergrenDan posted, but again, at 8 oz way to large for most of my purposes!

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        Libby does make a 4 1/2 oz or so coupe (perfect for a 3 oz drink that is then shaken or stirred).

        My recommendation for finding smaller glassware is to shop in antique stores and Goodwills for vintage glassware. Affordable and reasonably sized.

    2. Try searching for "Nick & Nora" glasses. I think that's what you have in mind.

      This one is a bit wider at the top than a classic Nick & Nora (also a bit big):

      This one is called a Nick & Nora but is more curved than I think of as a classic Nick & Nora:

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        Thanks - great links - I was hoping to find something like the 1st but no curve - just a small (i.e., not enormous) martini glass with the same straight edges.

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          Actually this 5-oz martini might be good - I've seen some martini glasses up to 10 oz!

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            That looks similar to what I was thinking...and I think I've seen that style in old pictures of the 1930s

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              If IKEA still has SODA cocktail glasses, they're a 5 oz "martini" shape for about $10 a six glass package.

          2. aS THEY NOTE IN THE LINKS PROVIDED BELOWQ, MARTINI GLASSES ARE SIMPLY A large VARIANT OF COCKTAIL GLASSES. Ask for cocktail glasses and not martini and see qwhat you get.

            1. Have you tried vintage stores?

              1. Riedel Vinum Martini glasses - perfect 5+ oz size, shape, and feel in the classic martini style - BUT they are about $25 each (sets of 2 or 6) and as fragile as any other Riedel - dishwasher safe at your peril - we lose 1-2 each year to chipping and breaking, but haven't found an acceptable alternative - they are just that nice to drink from...

                We did also score some slightly smaller, vintage, etched, curvy coupes at the store outside the entrance to MassMOCA this past summer - cherrypicked a few from a set of 16 or twenty - at $5 each!