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Dec 3, 2012 11:11 AM

Atlantic Standard, Rt. 35 North, South Amboy NJ

Went to this place for the 2nd time in the past 6 weeks or so…actually my first time there was the Friday night before Sandy hit….this time we returned this past Saturday night.

Each time we went we have been with a group of 10+ so we have been seated in a private dinning room in the back. The place is fairly large with a very nice feel to is for being such a large place. I like the dark wood interior…fire place…open pizza oven over all a very nice feel and flow to it.

Since both times we have gone we have been large parties we have sampled many of the appetizers here are some of the favorites, Muscles, Calamari Salad, Tuna Pizza, Skirt Steak Taco’s and Crispy Artichokes. We have also tried a couple of their pizza’s from the oven as an appetizer and those have been very good as well.

My first time there I had the Ahi Tuna with bok choi and sushi rice. I prefer a Tuna Steak when I order Tuna (always rare) however this is more a tuna “strip”…..not that there is anything wrong with it just not what I was expecting. The Tuna was excellent and I enjoyed the dish.

My second time this past weekend I ordered a NY Strip Steak special with broccoli rabe and wasabi mashed potatoes. The steak was cooked a perfect medium and the broccoli rabe and mashed potatoes were excellent the quality of the steak was a little lacking in my opinion. (I am a HUGE steak snob so I might be over critical) Also since it was a special and I never got a look at the check I have no idea what they charged for it so maybe it was a bargain price.

I can say out of the two times there and over 20 entrée’s served to our group during those visits there was not one complaint about food. The one thing of concern is the fact neither of the times I have visited has the place been very crowded. The first time we wrote it off to the night before a storm everyone stayed home to prepare….this time there was no real excuse. Looking at the size of the place they need a full house to be able to keep the lights on. If you are in the area give it a try for sure………let’s hope the word spreads and they are able to make it. To my understanding they have only been open about 2 months. Worth a shot in my book! Enjoy.

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  1. Thanks for the tip, JR. That's about 5 minutes from my house & we've been meaning to try it. Maybe we'll give it a shot this weekend.

    1. Might have to give this place a try. It was brought to my attention via a Amazon Local deal. Assuming the pics on the website are oft eh actual dishes, it looks pretty good. Thanks for the review jrvedivici

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      1. re: angelo04

        Based on my experiences I would say the pictures are of their actual dishes. I've been back a time or two since I wrote this review and it remains solid.

      2. I drove past here today. I believe this was formerly an Italian place called Martelli's. Looks like they closed and it has now become a steak house. New name escapes me, will try to take notice next time I drive by.

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        1. re: angelo04

          It was Martini's years ago & we went quite often. It's changed hands about 5 or 6 times since then. Tried Atlantic Standard & didn't care for it, but will give this place a try. I can't remember the new name either.

          1. re: Jerzeegirl

            Wow.....I knew the manager chef left about 3/4 months ago and I hadn't been back since his departure. The last time I was there it was a Friday Night and they were getting an obvious COD liquor delivery which is never a good sign.