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Dec 3, 2012 10:51 AM

Birthday Dinner - Help!

This is a bit of a Hail Mary, but I'm looking for a place in DFW to go this Saturday with a group of friends for my birthday dinner. The number will probably be ten people max, and the type of restaurant can be anything: gastropub, family-style Tex-Mex, etc. but would need to accept reservations.

Any suggestions?

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  1. My own birthday is a week after yours. Last year, six of us went to Nosh on a Saturday night and had a great time. The food and service (for the most part) were excellent. We called for our reservation only two weeks prior to our Saturday evening dinner.

    1. I see this is your first post. Welcome. A few more details would be very helpful towards providing relevant recommendations. For your meal, what is the per person price limit (drinks excluded)? What part of town? I know you said it can be any type of restaurant but it would help if you could focus the request so we don't list off 100 places. Ethnic food, spicy, gastropup, trendy, etc....

      I'd recommend you identify what you would ideally like, try searching the board, and then ask more targeted questions. I'm not trying to be unhelpful but there's no way to really respond other than to list my top 20 restaurants that take reservations.

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        As far as the price limit goes, it'd be nice if entrees came in mostly under $20, and if cocktails came in at $8-$12. I'd prefer something in Dallas proper, rather than Fort Worth (although I'd be happy to try a gem in the Dallas suburb cities) and I love cocktails (traditional or specialty), so I've had my eye on KOMALI and would love to know if anyone has an opinion on that place or can recommend somewhere else that makes an effort in both their food and drinks.

        P.S. I've heard Stampede66 just opened but the interior looks a bit gimmicky and I'm wary of celebrity chefs. Don't know if anyone's been yet...

        1. re: rmball

          "I'm wary of celebrity chefs".

          Stephan Pyles is a great chef. And although he may be a "celebrity" chef, he's well deserving of the honor and status.

          1. re: rmball

            Thanks for the clarifications. Specific to Komali, I'm a big fan. I'm not in love with their margaritas but the food is great and the Tequila Sandia is one of my favorite cocktails. I'd also recommend you look into The Porch, Smoke, and Pepper Smash. All have good food, interesting drinks, and are roughly in your price range.

            1. re: demigodh

              I also like Komali. Abraham does things right and the menu is always good. Depending on the weather the patio may still be an option if the cold front stays away until Sunday. Their drinks are very good and every time I have been the food has stood out. Good luck and happy birthday. Mine is the week after next. Hubby scored reservations at Lucia! Already looking forward to it.

              1. re: vstock

                +3 for komali- i loved the habanero margarita but didnt really think the komali margarita was that great. thought the food was excellent tho- i went a few months ago but remember the ceviche being wonderful (big portion that'd be good for sharing). my family really liked the mole, but i dont remember much about it. didnt try any of the tex mex stuff as i dont like it usually. they also had a special dessert, which was awesome. i think it was just ice cream- but it was really good!

                where'd you end up for your bday dinner?