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Dec 3, 2012 10:49 AM

Grand Lake Kitchen - Oakland

Anybody tried this yet? 576 Grand Ave., Oakland, half a block from Zza's.

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  1. Had lunch there with wife and baby last Saturday. They are kinda still getting things sorted, but the outdoor seating area is nice. Inside it's just a narrow counter space with open kitchen. I had the Italian sandwich, which was good with freshly sliced meats and good (if irregularly shaped) bread. The $9.00 price tag was maybe $2 over what it should have been and it was far from the best Italian sandwich I've ever had. My wife had the Nicoise sandwich, which was priced at a whopping $12. I didn't try it because I dislike tuna salad, but it was large enough that she had to take half home. She said it was OK, but the leftovers apparently did not hold up well in the fridge.

    The best part of the meal were the--very skinny petite--pickled string beans on the side. I devoured the 4 of them on my plate and got two of my wife's as well. They are tasty and apparently one of the chefs is a pickle guy, so I have my eye on a jar of these for a holiday treat. I think they were about $7.50 which is again a bit pricey, but I will pay good money for excellent pickled goods.

    They are doing some sort of Hannukah dining experience but it's priced at $50.00 a head, which--yet again--seems to be a bit much. So there you have it, my first post here and you've all learned that I am something of a cheapskate.

    I hope this place does well, but the pricing does seem a bit ambitious--the $30 we spent on sandwiches, fancy bottled ice tea/soda, and tip would have been better spent on the lunch menu at Sidebar... but they don't open until 4 on Saturdays.

    1. Had a lunch because we were in the neighborhood and they were still serving at 3:00. Shared egg salad and pork belly sandwiches, both good. House pickles on the side were first-rate. Got the three-sides plate, cucumbers, cole slaw, and curried cauliflower, all seemed a bit underseasoned.

      Not bad but if Sidebar were open I'd go there instead.