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Dec 3, 2012 10:17 AM

Dinner dilemma. Angele in Napa, Redd Wood in Yountville, or Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch?

I'm a foodie from NYC who will be in the Napa area for 2 nights only. In other words 2 dinners. I've narrowed it down to the above 3 places; although I can be persuaded to change my mind if someone feels strongly about another place.

I love interesting, well prepared food that doesn't break the bank. Since I'm only here for a short amount of time I don't want to choose incorrectly.

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  1. You won't be choosing incorrectly - you will be choosing DIFFERENTLY.

    Seriously - if you only eat at two of the three restaurants listed, you will have a great experience regardless of where you end up. The clincher is really this: What are you looking for in a meal?

    Redd Wood is a pizza joint. Granted, it is a really good pizza joint but I don't think it is anything to write home about. Most people who are visiting the valley are more interested in eating at Redd, the fancier and more haute restaurant in the Reddington empire.

    Personally, I'd stick with Angele and Farmstead, but I'm one of those that thinks pizza is fairly overrated for being a carb that fills you up too quickly and being a vehicle for other ingredients.