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Dec 3, 2012 09:40 AM

What do people think about Einkorn Pasta?

Supposedly it's "pure" wheat that's never been hybridized.

You can read all about the Einkorn "Kool-aid" here and decide for yourself whether you want to drink the Kool-Aid.

Nutritional benefits aside, I'm curious what people think about the taste and texture of Einkorn pasta.

I just tried some Einkorn penne and I think it has a bit more of a nuttier taste, and seem a bit more chewy.

Any other experiences with Einkorn pasta or products? Again, not about its supposed nutritional benefits, just from a taste/texture perspective.

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  1. Thanks! Will let you know, just ordered some of the white spaghetti. Looks interesting.

    1. Where did you find Einkorn pasta? Fascinating!

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      1. re: sueatmo

        From the Jovial foods link in my original post.

      2. Received my order of Einkorn white spaghetti very quickly and we had it for dinner last night. I admit we were both skeptical but were very surprised to find we like it better than regular white spaghetti. The color is a pale caramel and the flavor is as ipse noted sort of nutty, not a strong whole wheat flavor which I do not like with red sauce. I am confused tho, as the invoice with the order said white einkorn spaghetti but nowhere on the box is there any indication of it being a white variety as opposed to the whole grain - I am going to call or email to inquire.
        Thanks a lot ipse this will prob be a regular for us!
        Just spoke with a very nice person at Jovial and the explanation is that the whole grain pasta says whole grain whereas the white that I ordered just says Einkorn pasta on the box.

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        1. re: ElsieB

          Good to hear you enjoyed it.

          I just hope you didn't take my post as an ad for Einkorn or Jovial. I was just putting it out there to see what the 'hounds had to say about this stuff. I still have half a box left myself ...

        2. Article about einkorn and in the WSJ today.