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Dec 3, 2012 09:01 AM

Going to Daniel - any assistance would be appreciated

Having dinner at Daniel on Thursday night. Would love to hear some cant miss dishes or wines.Is Jacket required?

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  1. Just saw your post--can't believe you haven't gotten feedback. I know many folks on the board find it "stiff," but I've always found it incredibly gracious. I go about 3 or 4 times a year, last about a month ago. To begin with, I would say "yes" on the jacket. Not sure if it's "required," but pretty much everyone in there is wearing one.
    For apps, I would highly recommend the "slow-baked jade tiger abalone" which is flavored with juniper berries and served with caviar. Also the fennel ravioli with Scottish langoustines are fantastic--comes with green olives, artichokes, and a saffron cream. For mains, I would strongly recommend the duo of suckling pig, which has a paprika-smoked chop as well as belly with a kind of apple&beer confit. The beef duo of short ribs with mushroom fricassee and wagyu tenderloin with chestnut puree is also a stand-out. Can't advise about the fish, as I tend to go meat unless I'm in a sushi bar. And then they drown you in desserts. Whatever you order, they seem to bring you more to taste. And if you look carefully, you can actually find some bottles of wine that wont cost as much as a mortgage. Enjoy.

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      > And then they drown you in desserts

      Ugh, why do you tempt me so? I am just a simpleton sweet-tooth, with a finite wallet.

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        Wow, those dishes sound awesome. I think I need to visit Daniel again real soon.

      2. Sorry prince, didn't see this until now. Unless they have changed recently a jacket is required in the dining room,

        As far as dishes go: Peeky toe crab, duo of beef, and the lamb are excellent choices.

        1. Thanks for the feedback guys. Really looking forward to this meal. Just did EMP last month so my expectations are high. I am hoping its not too stiff as we are looking to have a few cocktails and do some laughing. Will certainly report back.

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            If you have the time have a drink at their bar beforehand and try sitting at the actual bar, the bartenders are actually all very nice and enjoy conversing if they see you are willing to.

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              We are getting the 30 min early to do exactly that

          2. Jacket definitely required and must keep it on throughout meal. Had a friend not heed my warning and he was descended upon by the hostess. She was very nice about it though and provided a jacket.

            The couple times I went I liked every dish - particularly the duo of beef and lamb. Agreed about dessert. I've always left the restaurant more than full.

            89-page wine list is overwhelming. Usually just go with sommelier recommendation. I remember a cab from Anomaly vineyard in Napa that I liked.

            Bar has awesome cocktails too. I can't leave without a white cosmo. It's fantastic and garnished with an orchid encased in an ice marble!

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              The brt did have outstanding cocktails. My wife had the eastsider which was Gin, tonic, grapefruit, bitters and a rosemary sprig. Really good. The meal was excellent at expected. The trio of salmon was great for two of the 3, the third was very fishy. Had the lamb which was a little rare for my taste. The Abalone was the best dish of the night for me. Foie Gras was not good at all. More deserts than anyone should ever eat. The service was top notch however, I enjoyed my meal at EMP more. Felt the dishes were much more creative and better flavors.